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Knowle West Media Project in the press

Strategic Objective 2: Address social, economic and environmental decline and disadvantage.
...integrated projects which contribute towards developing sustainable neighbourhoods focusing on community enterprise and the social economy to create jobs for local people...

As part of the Bristol Objective 2 Action Plan, Knowle West Media Centre has received funding for a variety of initiatives. Below are some of the press cuttings reflecting the successes of this project:

The Media Centre Building
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Design is the Final Straw for Old HQ

Knowle West Media Project eco-build

Paradise Found - short film licensed for US broadcast
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Design is the Final Straw for Old HQ

Knowle West Media Project eco-build

The Queens Award for Services in the Community
Photograph by Amanda Brook from Knowle West Media Centre
Young people from Knowle West were delighted to accept the Queens Award for Services in the Community on behalf of the Knowle West Media Centre.

They were presented the award by H.M Lord Lieutenant at the centreís celebratory Big British Tea Party at Novers Park Community Centre, Thursday September 14th 2006.

Over 200 local people turned up to share food and music that represents Britainís cultural diversity, from Greek dolmades to Indian nibbles, all set to a backdrop of mellow harp music.

KWMC was the only organisation in Bristol to receive the award this year. The young people described how being involved in projects at the media centre had changed their lives.

Davina Froom talked of her increased confidence, and others described how they were going on to colleges and university.

KWMC is currently involved in many design, moving image and photography projects, including nationally screened short films, the Knowle West website and issues forum (, the Knowle West Newsletter, Nlarge photography group and Mouth of the South - a young peopleís newsletter.

above, from left to right: Kerry Froom, Casey Vowles,
Chanelle Carter, Chad Downs, Davina Froom,
Colston McCarthy and Michael Smith.


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